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Photos taken prior to the year 2000....more to follow.....

The Prisoners circa.1984
Off to a gig from 'The Hole', Rochester.

The Daggermen - July 1986
On parade at 'The Hole'

The Daggermen - July 1986
In 'The Hole'

The Daggermen - July 1986
Rochester Airfield

The Daggermen & Ian E.GreenSmith July 1986
Backfields, Rochester.

The Discords - Nov 1986
Down by the River Medway.

The Discords - Nov 1986
Outside 'The Hole', Rochester.

The Discords - Nov 1986

I am currently in the process of scanning all my old black & white negatives and colour transparencies...there are approx. 10,000 of them so this may take some time. Please be patient and check back for updates.
coming soon...
The Wild - circa 1982
Rochester - 1983
Maidstone Art College 1983-84
Paris/Versailles - 1984
The Dentists - 1988
Paolo & Biv 1988
The Claim (gotta find em first though!)

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